Follow the White Rabbit..



Nadya has been sensitive to her surroundings and energies around her since she was a child. Not knowing how to deal with her clairsentient gifts, she found herself eventually succumbing to alcohol and drugs as a means to escape.  In 2015 she found herself om the path of self actualization and awakening which soon lead to a dark night of the soul. It was the summer of 2016 that she decided it was time to connect with her inner child and do some serious healing work, this is where she discovered her first Tarot deck. During this transformation, she picked up on other healing modalities and esoteric knowledge which has lead her to aspire to help others on their own healing journey.

Through this rebirth process,  Nadya has now identified herself as a bruja, shadow worker, and clairsentient tarot reader. She helps assist others transcend the dark to bring in the light.


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