6 of wands, victory is yours? Yes it is, but once the decision is made Stick with it!


So I like to pull out a tarot card each day to see what the theme will be for the day. I like to evaluate it and meditate on it to see what it means to me. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. All I know is that each card has a hidden meaning to it. It’s your intuitions job to decide what it is.

I wanted to write about the 6 of wands because it really struck out to me today. When I see this card I see victory, success, resilience, and determination. But you know what else I see? This guy on his horse has been through a lot of shit, he’s been on a long journey to no where, he had no idea where he was going but he never gave up. He’s been through trials and tribulations, losses and pain. But as you see in the background there is crowd in the background that seems to be cheering him up because he made it to where he needed to be despite the bumps along the road. And that my friends, is the journey of life. It’s about not giving up on your goals, dreams, aspirations. But most of all its about not giving up on yourself despite what life throws at you.

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