Learning about Tarot, you could learn to read the cards as well!

image1 (4)Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot: Using the Cards to Make Your Dreams Come True is a great book to start out with when you are just learining how to read tarot cards. What I love most about this book is that she encourages to come up with your own interpretation of each card. Madame Pamita comes up with a daily journal exercise where you pick out a random card each day and write about what you evaluate in each card. She does this to get you familiar with each card and for you to explore your imagination and creativity as well. I was surprised to see how my own interpretations were similar to others in the tarot community, it was exciting!

On top of about each card, there is detailed description of Madame Pamita’s interpretation of each card to help assist in I like to call “The magical school of Tarot”.

And it gets better! There are also ways you could use the cards for affirmations and spells. And she goes into details in the book. So you see, there is more to Tarot cards than just the reading. It’s a way of counsel, guidance, and most importantly it’s a tool. It’s there to help assist you with getting what you desire yes, but it also helps in assisting with decision making. As you know we are the creator’s of our own reality.

Tarot, is a mere reflection of where you are in your current state of mind, and if you want different results only YOU have the power to change it. And that’s what I love about tarot cards, it shows me where I am currently blocked and what I need to work on to get to where I want to be. I absolutely love doing readings for others, it’s my passion. I love being able to guide and assist others into becoming their best versions of themselves.

Which is why I’m telling you could learn how to read the cards as well! So if you want to start out I suggest using an Original
standard deck first before you jump into the other more beautiful elaborate decks. Just to get familiar with each meaning and interpretation of each card first. I highly suggest using the Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck Cards Magician Brand New! Magic Diviniation Occult. This is the deck that got me started with everything. It comes with all standard 78 cards and it also includes a mini guide book to get you going.

So are you ready to join the magical tarot community?

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