The 6 of swords is one of the best cards you could get in a reading.


The 6 or swords is one of the best cards we could receive in a reading. I know, I know. At first glance it looks depressing, we see what looks like a family that’s faced some difficulty of some sort. But we also see that they are moving away towards some other location despite this difficulty.

The reason this is a good card to receive in a reading is because it means we are moving on from a toxic situation. We are cutting ties with what no longer serves us. We are finally putting our foot down and moving towards a better, healthier, clearer, happy life. We aren’t taking anyone’s bull shit anymore and we are all gathering our loved ones and making a collective effort to achieve a better life, as you see depicted in the card.

It takes a lot of self love and respect to know when a situation or person isn’t right for us. And it also takes a lot to voice our concerns for fear of judgement. I struggled with this for years, and in return it made me a toxic person because I wasn’t honoring my feelings. I was suffering in silence throwing shit grenades at people assuming they would know what was wrong. But what happens when we hold on to this grenade for a while? It explodes..

There comes a time where enough is enough, life is too short to be miserable. We are on this earth too enjoy life, it’s a game and we must enjoy it to it’s fullest. Yes there will be bad times, that’s life. But we should never let the bad outweigh the good. I will say it once again..LIFE IS TOO FUCKING SHORT!! So cut that fuckboy off, drop that dead end job, severe those ties with those toxic family members and move on. No explanation is needed for your happiness. End of Story.

So next time, the 6 of swords appears in your reading be happy! It means the shit show is over. But only if you want it to be.

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