Instagram sucks, so does facebook. I never really liked it, at first I was all about it. When Facebook first came out I couldn’t understand how to use it, and when I saw people posting I was confused as to why people were posting mindless shit!

It took over how people connect, nothing seems authentic anymore and a mere “like” was a way to show that they “cared”, like really? when was the last time you even talked to this person? yet alone, even care to know what their life is about where you feel the need to follow what they say or post about. Do you really give a shit? probably not. which leads me to the next question, what’s the point? There is none really.

You see, facebook and instagram was supposed to be a tool, until it got serious. The irony is that it was supposed to connect people with each other. But so far from what I’ve seen is that there really isn’t anymore authenticity anymore. It’s the lazy way of connecting or collaborating. Shit, who even has to bother being original or creative anymore when you could just steal someone else’s art or business idea and make it your own. INSTA-STEAL.

All this shit you see when you scroll makes you think that you have to believe in this or you must look like that. Why do we feel the need to overshare? Where’s the mystery? We go on vacation and we record our whole damn trip on our stories so everybody could see, and when we come back everyone already knows what we did or what we ate so they don’t care to ask. We strive to be anti capitalist and resist the patriarchy, yet we use an online platform that was created by some dude that exudes all of those very thing’s we aren’t about.

We are constantly distracted by our phones that we have completely lost connection with the outside world, can you have a conversation without looking at your phone? Try it, I dare you. And next time you go somewhere beautiful see what happens when you don’t record it on your story. That experience becomes yours and yours only, and when you go to the concert, put your damn phone away and absorb the music, feel it.

Call me crazy, but if you wanna know what I am up to, ask me. Maybe I’ll tell you, maybe I won’t.

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