Finding inner peace in chaos or difficult situations.

Work sucks, commuting sucks, visiting the in laws suck.

Everything sucks!!

Have you ever found that we always find a reason to complain?

We could be on vacation in Bali, and we could be complaining about how hot it is, or how the WiFi connection sucks.

Or we could be in our dream job, finally living it up. But we find that we have to deal with annoying clients or the ass hole boss.

The truth is, life doesn’t suck. It really doesn’t. It’s truly what we make of it. Am I going to tell you that life isn’t suffering and that there will never be challenges??


You know why?

Cause I’d be lying to you. That’s utter bull shit.

The thing is, we as humans are never satisfied, we are always looking for the next big thing. We have been programmed to consume and want more and more. Leaving us unsatisfied.

Leaving us, not mindful of our surroundings. Making us think that we need more to feel at peace with ourselves.

But the truth is, we find peace by not wanting more . By being ok with what is. Everything will get figured out in the end, whatever is meant for you will be presented to you. We find our peace of mind by accepting whatever challenges life throws at us. By not resisting and just allowing.

Life after all is a mirror, and it will always show you what you need.

I have to laugh because I always have to remind myself of this. As a former job hopper, always looking for the “next best job” to fulfill my endless needs. Only to find that each job would always present itself with the same issues that left me packing onto the next damn job!

The Insanity!

It was only until recently that I realized that these are lessons that need to be learned. And once the lesson has been learned. These little issues won’t have an effect, and bam we are at peace.

And you know what happens when we find inner peace no matter what the situation is?

We gain our sanity back.

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