I am Nadya, no matter what.

We have all been through some sort of struggle. Nobody is perfect, we are all a work “in progress”

You know a little about me by now if you read my other blogs. I struggled with addiction and then I had a rude awakening.

I was a shitty person for more than a decade and broke many hearts.

But it was only because I was hurting inside.

Why am I writing this blog post?

Because I’ve had a few more rude awakenings from difficult people. I realized that certain people will come back around to test your strength and emotional resilience.

The universe will send these people to check your character and see if you learned your lesson. Or if there’s still something that you need to learn about yourself.

Because I always believe that everyone is a reflection of who we are. And if we get triggered by someone, there’s a hidden message within that trigger.

I had a huge test this past week, and it reminded that there were still parts of myself that I haven’t forgiven myself for.

So sometimes we gotta thank these people, as crazy as this sounds. There’s always a different perspective on certain situations.

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