Nadya is a mystical healer specializing in tarot reading, energy clearing, & spiritual guidance.  Being through hell and back, Nadya was inspired to create Look into the Soul after going through many hardships as a single mom. From alcohol addiction to losing job to job, she knew something had to change. Nadya always felt different since she was a little girl, she was always in tune with unseen energies and forces and always felt that there was an unwritten law that nobody talked about. Growing up she suppressed her natural gifts and tried to conform to “society normality” but she continued to rebel while also dealing with an addiction and being a young mother. After losing her last job she realized enough was enough, something had to change. And that’s when she started tuning into her creativity and sprituality, thus Look into the Soul was born. Nadya strives to guide and heal whomever is lost and searching for answers within the spiritual & earth plane.

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