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“Nadya did a reading for me regarding about a move I was going to make with my husband, I was scared because I wasn’t sure if the move would be the right decision, Nadya read my cards and said that the move would be very positive and that it would be a perfect setting to start a family (which is something I had in mind) My husband and I visited the area and found a beautiful home perfect for a family! Nadya confirmed this through the cards! I was very excited and waiting to move into the new home.” -Kayla T.


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“Nadya was spot on with my reading! She is something special and she’s really good with connecting with people. Her reading for me gave me chills. She is really good at what she does and she’s very caring and humble and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants an in depth reading with compassion and understanding” -Angelina L


Image of Adolfo“Nadya is a very talented individual! I heard about her from a friend and decided to give it a try.  First thing she asked was if I loved to sing for fun or for music because she kept singing when she was getting the cards ready.  Music is a big aspect of my life and I thought it was amazing that she was able to pick that up about me through the cards.  I’ve done two readings with her so far and they were spot on.  The first reading was very therapeutic and I felt comfortable opening up even though I’ve never met her!  I currently have 2 different job paths to choose from.  I sent her a screenshot of an email from each job and asked her to do a reading on each job.  She broke it down and explained to me what each job was going to bring to my life.  What I love about Nadya is that she didn’t tell me which job to pick, all she did was tell me what they would offer to my overall energy and to listen to my instinct.  I high recommend Nadya! “-Adolfo

Image of Xenia“Nadya reading my cards made me feel very comfortable and assured me that I was in control of any negative thoughts I had about myself and my life. What I really liked is when I had what most see as a negative card she basically showed a different way of looking at it, and showed me a way to overcome the situatuon. My life is at it’s turning point and Nadya pointed to the best direction, that I thank her for”-Xenia

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